The history of Kanji characters rewinds to the ancient Yellow River civilization. About 3300 years ago, around 1000 BC, there was a dynasty called “Yin” in China. Many ancient characters, the ancestors of Kanji characters, were found to be engraved on the turtle shells or beast bones excavated in 1899 from the ruins of “Yin Mausoleum”. In ancient China, where people and the universe were believed to be connected through God(king), those of characters were thought as holy items.

Many modern Kanji characters have been simplified and lost their original shapes and meanings, and this tendency is even getting stronger in China, the origin of Kanji. However, as hieroglyphs, ancient Kanji characters can reproduce the spirit and life of thousands of years ago in our mind.

KANJIGRAPH is a new BOKUSHO(expression by black ink and brush) art that stimulates and moisturizes the lives of modern people. And It is created by reviewing the prayers that the ancients put into the letters and touching their spirits.