“Kyoto governor’s award” at the 67th “Hyobi exhibition”

Yutaka KODAI ‘s KANJIGRAPH Art “飲~Drink” won the honor of the “Kyoto governor’s award” at the 67th “Hyobi exhibition”

This is an exhibition by the Kyoto Hyogu Cooperative Association.
KANJIGRAPH Art “飲” is mounted by Mr. Takumi NAKAJIMA@Seikodo Nakajima.


Yutaka KODAI

KANJIGRAPH®︎ artist. He loves Japanese calligraphy from an early age. When he was a college student, he is strongly inspired by listening to “Character Lecture” by Shizuka Shirakawa, an emeritus professor at Ritsumeikan University KYOTO, who is renowned as a world-famous researcher of ancient Chinese characters. 2022 Created KANJIGRAPH®︎ to develop “Ancient Character Art” into an art genre open to more people.

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